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Total freedom from chargebacks

Guaranteed protection against both fraud and non‑fraud chargebacks.


Total freedom from chargebacks

Guaranteed protection against both fraud and non‑fraud chargebacks.

Fraud is just one source of online chargebacks

Fraud and non-fraud chargebacks alike can be costly for merchants – from the profit loss of the sale itself to needless authorisation and processing fees, chargeback fines, and time spent manually investigating claims. And because issuing banks use a merchant’s chargeback rate as a proxy for their trustworthiness as a business partner, any spike in chargebacks could lead to an equal dip in authorisation rates – and sales – over time.

Approve more good orders

Confidently approve 5-9% more orders that otherwise would have been falsely declined due to fear of fraud or abuse.

Fight chargeback fraud

Signifyd wins 50% more disputes than the industry average and 0 abusive claims go unchallenged – reducing your chargeback rate overall.

Influence higher auth rates

Maintaining a lower chargeback rate leads to higher bank authorisation rates over time, so the conversion benefits just keep coming.

Eliminate chargeback losses

Signifyd has your back. Fraud or not, you’ll never have to worry about a chargeback again.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“Before we started to use Signifyd, on average we were at a 3% fraud rate during a £200,000 month. Now with Signifyd, we’re doing upwards of £700,000 a month through our online store alone. We were able to assess our fraud rate within minutes with Signifyd. It’s a much more streamlined operation for us when it comes to fraud.”


How it works

Signifyd sorts the good orders from the bad

Order is placed on a merchant’s site. Signifyd evaluates the order with identity and intent intelligence from the Commerce Network.

More good orders are approved, chargebacks are reduced, merchant liability is eliminated

Accept or reject decisions are delivered in real‑time.
Approved orders are guaranteed against eligible fraud and non‑fraud chargebacks.

Customer experience is streamlined risk‑free

Approved orders are shipped automatically; fraudulent orders are cancelled.

Merchants pay nothing in chargebacks

Any chargebacks that result are reimbursed to the merchant, while those that Signifyd deems abusive are challenged automatically. If the dispute is unsuccessful, the merchant is still reimbursed.

The only solution to shift chargeback liability completely

Don’t waste another second on chargebacks. Total freedom from chargeback liability enables our merchants to sell, grow and innovate unhindered. What could you achieve, 100% liability-free?

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