April 4, 2017
Sourabh Kothari
Sourabh is the Director of Merchant Advocacy at Signifyd, where he brings over 18 years of experience defining, designing and delivering content through stories, events and video.

Signifyd Recognized as Best New Technology Partner of the Year by Magento

Earlier this week, Signifyd was named “Best New Partner of the Year” in the Technology category by Magento at their annual Imagine event in Las Vegas. We’re humbled by this award and so very grateful for the partnership we’ve built with Magento over the past year. With a growing focus on purchasing, payments and fraud protection, the agenda at this year’s Imagine event offered insights into the rapid evolution of ecommerce payments. As the world’s largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Signifyd is excited to see what ecommerce merchants and Magento will make possible in the coming year for omnichannel shopping.

During our week at Magento Imagine 2017, we met numerous customers who complimented us and Magento for our combined support for their business. These merchants share a passion for growing their business and developing new markets. Most of them had stories to tell about how they chose to “risk it all” in the early days of their company’s growth. Many of these customers have built more than one ecommerce business over their careers and they explained the importance of being on a platform like Magento that can fully support the complexities of their business. Merchants on the Magento platform are a determined, gritty group of entrepreneurs who know how to drive a result with a targeted audience.

Throughout the week we heard sessions about how merchants can optimize acquisition, conversion, purchases, payments, fulfillment and loyalty with Magento and its partners. We also heard from serial entrepreneurs who spoke about the value of time, the need to be different and the power of positivity when you’re facing challenges on a daily business. We look forward to the year ahead as we continue to strengthen our relationship with Magento. Like every year, Imagine has left us feeling invigorated, confident and excited about what we can do to help merchants achieve their next stage of their growth.





  • Many many congratulations to you guys! Always keep the good work in progress. (y)


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