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About Carbon38

Carbon38 is an athleisure brand focused on female empowerment, from the executive boardroom to the yoga studio. With Signifyd as a dedicated partner, Carbon38 has gained crucial awareness into its customer base, helping the company elevate its experience along the customer journey.

“Signifyd has gotten into the trenches with us and helped us to understand what other companies are doing – best-in-class and best-in-industry. Fraud is ever changing, ever moving and it feels like as soon as you get caught up, it catches up. So it feels good to have a partner that is knowledgeable in our industry and that we can trust.”

Shawn Potter-Bradford
, Director of Customer Care
, Carbon38


As Carbon38 expanded its reach, attention was increasingly pulled away from customer service initiatives. The customer care team was responsible for manually reviewing all orders and struggled to keep up with the growing volume. The same team was also spending time and resources fighting fraudulent claims and defending the business from consumer abuse.


Carbon38 chose Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform to help them automate customer experience. With guaranteed protection against fraud and INR chargebacks, the team would have the confidence to automate order fulfillment based on Signifyd’s decisions. Automated Chargeback Recovery would give them back valuable time to focus on high-impact CX initiatives.


Since partnering with Signifyd, Carbon38 has increased their approval rate to 99% while achieving full order automation. With all orders guaranteed against fraud, Carbon38 receives a 3% revenue uplift in full while Signifyd recovers additional revenue post‑sale by automatically disputing abusive chargeback claims on Carbon38’s behalf.

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