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About Emma

Boxed mattress specialist Emma is on a mission to deliver a better sleep experience. Using Signifyd, Emma replaced their legacy 3‑D‑Secure solution in the UK market, significantly improving order approval rates and top line sales that would have otherwise been declined.

“As a sleep tech company, continuous innovation is at our core. This applies not only to the products we build, but also to the way we run our business. Signifyd has become a key piece of our competitive advantage. When other companies are losing customers to bad CX and friction in the checkout process, we gain market share.”

Santosh Marrivagu
, Head of UK & Ireland
, Emma


The team at Emma are always looking for innovations that will help them maximise their online revenue. While they knew 3-D Secure was a killer to conversion, they believed it was the only way to ensure that liability for chargebacks would land squarely in the lap of card-issuing banks, and not their own.


With Fraud Protection from Signifyd, the days of complicated payment processes and two‑step verification are long gone. Emma replaced 3-D Secure completely, knowing that decisions from Signifyd would be guaranteed and protection from fraud would remain air tight.


With Signifyd, Emma has realized 12X ROI in just the first 2.5 months. Through their own analysis, Emma determined that Signifyd was approving 70% of traffic that 3-D Secure would have declined – increasing order approval rate by a whooping 6.4%.

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