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Maplin - the electronics specialist

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Digital transformation,
Order automation


Consumer Electronics


Abuse Prevention,
Fraud Protection


Adobe Commerce

About Maplin

UK-based consumer electronics retailer Maplin has transformed itself from a primarily brick-and-mortar retailer to a fully digital ecommerce brand. Maplin automates their commerce protection with Signifyd so they can focus on building the curated experiences that keep their customers coming back for more.

“Signifyd has enabled us to grow at the pace we have because it has given us the confidence to completely offload commerce protection and focus on developing our brand and connecting with our customers. If you are scaling rapidly, I highly recommend that you use a solution that guarantees fraud decisions and provides quick time-to-value with easy integration options. For Maplin, Signifyd was the obvious choice.”

Ollie Marshall
, Managing Director
, Maplin


Pivoting to a 100% direct to consumer model allowed Maplin to operate at lower margins and serve a wider base of customers. However, with little more than their payment gateway as a protective blocker, it also opened up their business to a level of fraud that they had never before encountered.


With Signifyd, Maplin could truly “set it and forget it.” Unlike the fraud solutions and chargeback recovery services that Maplin evaluated, Signifyd provided an end-to-end solution that blocked fraudsters while guaranteeing all approved orders and fighting chargebacks on their behalf.


With Signifyd by their side, Maplin has increased revenue by 400% in the last year. Previous large orders that would have been stuck in manual review or doomed to rejection are streamlined through to fulfillment thanks to Signifyd’s network insights and financial guarantee.

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