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Case Study

Natural Baby Shower: One of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing sellers of products for babies

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Fraud management




Guaranteed Fraud Protection



About Natural Baby Shower

Natural Baby Shower is one of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing sellers of products for babies, toddlers and the caregivers who love them.

“The team was amazing. You guys just get better and better each year. You guys are bringing out more technology; you have quarterly business meetings; you’re always reaching out to us and you understand the business.”

Clifton Vaughan
, Co-founder
, Natural Baby Shower


Natural Baby Shower’s torrid growth put increasing pressure on the manual review team working to detect fraud. The holiday season order spike convinced company leaders that the manual model was not sustainable.


Natural Baby Shower integrated Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection, which automated its fraud review and provided the kind of scalability the fast-growing retailer needed.


Natural Baby Shower’s customer service team no longer spends 15% of its time reviewing orders and the retailer’s order approval rate has increased to 99.6%.

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