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Abuse management,
Crossborder expansion,
Fraud management




Abuse Prevention,
Chargeback Recovery,
Guaranteed Fraud Protection




As one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, is on a mission to bring fun, discovery-based shopping experiences to consumers across the globe. Wish’s partnership with Signifyd is critical to that mission, allowing them to localize to new markets while still protecting their business from fraud and abuse.

“Signifyd has been amazing at providing us with local experts on the markets that we are working in, talking to us about the local fraud trends, and educating us on the types of identity verification and fraud prevention strategies that work best.”

Tara Mitchell
, Director of Risk Operations


The key to Wish’s success globally is localizing offerings specific to each market. To do so successfully, without leaving themselves vulnerable to fraud and abuse, Wish needed a global commerce protection provider with local expertise.


Wish selected Signifyd as a partner due to the level of transparency into decisions, insights into overall business performance across markets and expert guidance provided that gave Wish confidence that they were not entering new markets blindly.


Since deploying Signifyd, Wish has seen vast improvements to approval rates across the map, while chargeback rates have remained low. With Signifyd providing immediate ROI at checkout, Wish has now brought on Signifyd to fight abusive chargebacks automatically.

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