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Holiday season online sales performance

Signifyd’s Holiday Season Pulse Tracker compiled a live look at online sales with real‑time adjusted projections to bring merchants the fastest, most immediate insights into the 2023 holiday season’s performance.

Powered by Signifyd’s Commerce Network, the Holiday Season Pulse Tracker leveraged data from thousands of retailers from a variety of verticals around the world.

The Live Holiday Season Pulse Tracker is now closed

Last updated Jan 1, 2024

Signifyd’s live tracker provided insights into sales and fraud data from the 2023 holiday season and compared against seasons past.

2023 holiday season at a glance

YoY % change
holiday season to date
Average order value
YoY % change
holiday season to date
Fraud pressure
YoY % change
holiday season to date

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Holiday deep dive

See how EMEA ecommerce performed during the 2023 holiday season.

  • Holiday sales
  • Season forecast
  • Mobile sales
  • Average order value
  • Discount codes
  • Fraud pressure
  • First-party fraud

Holiday sales

The most important metric of the holiday period — sales growth. This chart compares this year’s daily EMEA sales to last year and shows how the entire holiday period stacks up overall.

Sales YoY % change holiday season to date
Year over year change in sales

Real-time adjusted season predictions

GMV Growth in 2023 Q4 YoY
GMV Growth in Cyber 5 YoY
Holiday season forecast

Mobile share of sales

Consumers are constantly shifting shopping habits – one constant in recent years has been the growing importance of mobile shopping. See the proportion of mobile vs. desktop sales below.

Sales by device type
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Average Order Value (AOV)

With various economic headwinds, including rising prices and supply chain constraints, average order value (AOV) can act as a barometer for consumer behaviour.

Will consumers spend big early or wait until peak sales?

AOV YoY % change holiday season to date
Year over year change in average order value

Share of GMV with discount code applied

With the increased competition around the holidays, merchants often utilise promotional activity and offer discount codes to consumers. This measure highlights how readily available merchants discount codes are, as well as the appetite of consumers to seek out and apply a discount code for a better deal.

Sales with and without discount codes
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Fraud pressure

Fraudulent activity and risky transactions will be prevalent this holiday season. Plotting this year’s fraud pressure (transactions deemed very risky by Signifyd models) shows the unpredictable, yet growing, pattern of fraud attacks.

Fraud pressure YoY % change holiday season to date
Year over year change in fraud pressure

First-party fraud

“Friendly fraud,” or first-party fraud, is defined as fraud committed by the consumer and rightful cardholder, as opposed to “criminal fraud” committed by a professional fraudster with stolen credentials. The charts below examine the proportion of all chargeback claims that can be classified as friendly fraud.

Claim type by claim amount
Oct 1 to -

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