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The best of Signifyd FLOW 2023: Learn from the leading voices in ecommerce. Watch on demand now

About the on-demand webinar

COVID-19 has been the catalyst for change in many aspects of daily life, and ecommerce is no exception. Retailers are seeing massive, unexpected swings in demand, much of which can be attributed to first-time ecommerce shoppers.

It can be difficult for retailers to closely examine the data to extract clues about what the future holds when orders are flooding in and processes may be breaking, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

In this on-demand webinar Signifyd’s VP of Operations and Corporate Development, J. Bennett, dives deep into ecommerce sales data from Signifyd’s Commerce Network of thousands of merchants from across the globe. He shares trends from several ecommerce verticals, discusses the future implications of changing consumer behaviors, and leaves attendees with a better idea of how to plan for the future.


J. Bennett

J. Bennett

VP, Operations and Corporate Development, Signifyd