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About the on-demand webinar

This session of Signifyd’s Crimes & Cocktails webinar series delves into actual cases that the Signifyd Risk Intelligence team has tackled to reveal the patterns behind highly organized criminal syndicates based out of Southeast Asia.

Watch the on-demand webinar for insight into:

  • How these fraud rings ascended to be an epicenter of cross border fraud attacks
  • The estimated global impact of their nefarious operations
  • The specific strategies these elusive fraudsters employ, told through actual risk intelligence stories
  • How merchants can safeguard their businesses from these schemes


Michael Pezely, Senior Director, Risk Intelligence, Signifyd

Michael Pezely

Senior Director,
Risk Intelligence

Caleb Hanson, Director of Enterprise, Signifyd

Caleb Hanson

Director of
Enterprise Accounts

Watch the webinar