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About the on-demand webinar

Join key members of Women@Signifyd UK for a vulnerable discussion on how to create a healthier approach to your professional life that will help you avoid burnout and over-extension while still maintaining the respect of your colleagues and superiors and optimal career growth. We will explore how to achieve this in four major contexts:

  • When looking for a new job: what signals to look for to find an environment that will allow you to flourish
  • When starting a new job: how to set expectations up front to optimize your success
  • When struggling in your current job with burnout: how to effectively advocate for yourself and potentially for broader changes at your workplace
  • When becoming a parent or experiencing major life changes

The panel participants will draw on their own experiences as employees and managers, and their unique experiences navigating the move to a 4-day workweek at Signifyd.


Kat Fisher

Manager Customer Success

Marie Butterfield

Product Manager

Judith McCabe

Manager of Risk Intelligence

Agnieszka Lundy

Senior Software Engineer

Shagun Varshney

Sr. Product Manager, Payment Optimisation

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