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About the Conference

The World's Largest Retail Conference and Expo

It's not just a conference, it's a community. Filled with a global audience and exhibitor base that could only come from the National Retail Federation.

Accept More Online Orders, Free of Fraud

Our team had an amazing time at NRF in NYC. And we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the event too.

As an ecommerce business you need to turn away certain orders because they appear to be fraudulent or simply too risky, especially in the case of international orders.

But what if you didn't? Just imagine how many additional orders you could ship and how much additional revenue you could earn.

Signifyd's Guaranteed Fraud Protection allows merchants to do just that - increase sales by accepting more orders, without fraud losses.

Machine learning and domain expertise make it all possible. What makes it all important is your need to generate more sales and enter new markets.

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Learn how to unlock omnichannel growth by striking balance between customer love, fear and risk

VP of Enterprise Marketing, Indy Guha, recently hosted a session and shared how successful retailers manage multiple fulfillment channels without creating unnecessary risk or adding friction to the customer experience.

Attendees walked away learning what digital-first retailers tell us about building seamless, omnichannel experiences when starting with a clean slate and how established retailers can identify the right partners to catch up.

To get the session recap and copy of the presentation slides, read our blog post.