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About the on-demand webinar

While many competent authorities in the European Economic Area have announced a temporary extension in enforcement of strong customer authentication imposed by PSD2, regulators expect that ecommerce retailers will continue to prepare their online storefronts for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

Merchants have been challenged to find solutions that meet the new requirements without degrading the customer experience and damaging conversion rates. The availability of the 3-D Secure version 2.2 is a key milestone for PSD2 compliance and for retailers to address this challenge. It is the first version of 3DS that allows for communicating exemptions and SCA performed by a delegated authority to the issuing banks, giving retailers the ability to choose solutions that will provide them with more control over their customer experience.

Signifyd’s solution, Seamless SCA, takes advantage of 3DS v2.2 to offer Signifyd’s industry-leading fraud protection and regulatory compliance platforms by incorporating mSIGNIA’s best-in-class 3DS technologies. It is the first 2.2 solution to receive all of the merchant domain EMVCo certifications.

To learn more about 3DS 2.2 and Signifyd Seamless SCA, join J. Bennett and George Tuvell and watch this webinar to learn all the details.

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Ed Whitehead

Managing Director, EMEA, Signifyd

J. Bennett

VP, Operations and Corporate Development, Signifyd

George Tuvell

CTO & Cofounder, mSIGNIA

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