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About the on-demand webinar

Signifyd Seamless SCA™ is a pioneering set of modern secure payment services that meets the requirements of the PSD2 regulation and allows retailers to optimize revenue while providing their customers with friction-free buying experiences that cultivate return shoppers and build customer lifetime value.

Merchants powered by Seamless SCA™ will be fully prepared for Europe’s coming PSD2 requirements, slated to take effect in September. PSD2, or the second Payment Services Directive is a European Union consumer-protection regulation that requires businesses engaged in online transactions to provide greater security. Signifyd’s solution is fully compatible with the EMVCo 3D Secure 2 protocol. It embraces PSD2 head-on, rather than turning to a pretzel of exemptions in an attempt to avoid adhering to the new consumer-protection requirements.

Signifyd Seamless SCA™ provides a clearly differentiated solution above and beyond what PSD2 requires. Seamless SCA’s holistic approach provides a unique ability to perform strong customer authorization without step-ups for all transactions, not just exemptions.

To learn more about Signifyd Seamless SCA™, watch this on-demand product launch webinar.


Ed Whitehead

Managing Director, EMEA, Signifyd

J. Bennett

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy Operations, Signifyd

Paul Rodgers

Chairman at Vendorcom & Panel Member at Payments Systems Regulator

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