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The holiday shopping season presents retailers with their biggest sales opportunity of the year.

But many will not make the most of it. At every stage of the buying journey, friction in the process means that sales are slipping away from retailers who spend significant time and money acquiring the very customers who get turned away by barriers that frustrate customers or decline their orders outright.

Sales are blocked by imprecise filters and rules at the authorization stage. Inadequate fraud management can shed another 5% or so in fraudulent orders and false declines.

Cumbersome manual fraud reviews slow orders down, prompting customers to cancel their purchases and shop elsewhere. Guess where?

And it’s not all about fraud. Sales are lost at the shipping stage because of poor inventory visibility and other complications.

Then come returned orders and chargebacks, for fraud and for issues around missed deliveries and products that didn’t live up to their promise in the eyes of the consumer.

Learn more about how to stop your revenue leakage while giving your customers the holiday shopping experience they expect.


Indy Guha - VP, Enterprise Marketing

Indy Guha

Senior Vice President of
Marketing and Alliances

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