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Get real-time insights into online sales performance this holiday season

Signifyd’s Holiday Season Pulse Tracker compiles a live look at online sales with real-time adjusted season projections to bring you the fastest, most immediate insights into season performance.

Powered by Signifyd’s Commerce Network, the Holiday Season Pulse Tracker leverages data from thousands of retailers from a variety of verticals around the world.

Holiday season predictions

Prediction 1: Total Spend

Growth in Cyber week GMV


Growth in Nov/Dec GMV

Prediction 2: Product Volume

Change in volume of products sold in cyber week


Change in volume of products sold in Nov/Dec

Prediction 3: Cyber week

Cyber week will account for 19% of holiday season sales, down from 21% in 2021.

Live daily tracker (ENDED)

Updated Jan 1 at 6:00 a.m. EST

Signifyd’s live daily tracker provides insights from the current holiday season in comparison to last season. Last holiday period saw an early increase in sales ahead of the typically busiest shopping days. As such, year-over-year data will compare to the same date range from the previous year.

Holiday season at a glance

Sales YoY % change
holiday season to date


Top ranking category
sales % change

Average order value (AOV) YoY % change holiday season to date


Top ranking category
AOV % change

Fraud pressure YoY % change
holiday season to date


Top ranking category fraud pressure % change

Holiday deep dive

Drill into ecommerce categories below to see how your industry is stacking up this holiday season.

Holiday sales

Arguably the most talked about number throughout the holiday period — holiday sales growth. The chart shows the comparison
of this year’s daily U.S. sales to last year and how the entire holiday period compares to last year in terms of revenue.

Year over year change in sales

YoY sales change
holiday season to date

Consumers are constantly shifting shopping habits, one constant in recent years has been the
growing importance of mobile shopping. Check out the proportion of mobile and desktop sales below.

Mobile share of holiday sales 2021
Nov 1 to Dec 31
Mobile share of holiday sales 2022
Nov 1 to Dec 31

Average order value (AOV)

With various economic headwinds including rising prices and supply chain constraints, average order value (AOV)
can act as barometer for consumer behavior. Will consumers spend big early or wait until peak sales?

Year over year change in average order value

YoY AOV change
holiday season to date

As we drill into AOV, we can plot the proportion of spend and order count that fall in each range of AOV. Shifts in the
proportion of order and spend can highlight shifts in consumer confidence or spending power. For instance, a shift to
more lower value transactions may highlight a curtailing of spending this holiday season.

AOV distribution holiday 2021
Nov 1 to Dec 31
AOV distribution holiday 2022
Nov 1 to Dec 31

Fraud pressure

Fraudulent activity and risky transactions will be prevalent this holiday season. Plotting this year’s fraud pressure
(transactions deemed very risky by Signifyd models) shows the unpredictable, yet growing, pattern of fraud attacks.

Year over year change in fraud pressure

YoY fraud pressure change
holiday season to date

“Friendly fraud” is defined as fraud committed by the consumer and rightful cardholder, as opposed to "criminal fraud"
committed by aprofessional fraudster with stolen credentials. The charts below examine the proportion of all chargeback
claims that can be classified as friendly fraud. Time will tell if more claims will be generated by professional
fraud rings this holiday season or if tough economic times will continue to inspire more friendly fraud.

Claim type by claim amount 2021
Nov 1 to
Claim type by claim amount 2022
Nov 1 to

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