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Signifyd celebrates its relocated New York City office with a view toward the future

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“The State of Fraud 2023” report

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Signifyd capped off a week featuring its annual FLOW Summit by officially opening its relocated New York City office Thursday, a regional headquarters perched 71 stories above the city’s bustling financial district. 

The new office, about three-quarters of the way up One World Trade Center, features stunning views through ample floor-to-ceiling windows and reveals a mesmerizing street scene in miniature below. It will serve as a workplace for the company’s growing New York-area-based workforce and it will provide an executive briefing center for regular meetings with Signifyd’s expanding East Coast customer base. 

New office location reflects Signifyd’s mission

Signifyers marked the occasion with an afternoon ribbon cutting and reception. In brief remarks, executives were admirably restrained when it came to wordplay focused on Signifyd reaching new heights, being on top of the world, etc.

One World Trade Center bathed in morning light

Signifyd’s relocated office is on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center

Instead, they focused on how the office in the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building was a physical manifestation both of Signifyer’s collective accomplishments and of its relationship with and promise to its customers. 

After the severed red ribbon fluttered to the ground, Chief People Officer Emily Mikailli noted that Signifyd isn’t known for ostentation. But, she added, moving into the iconic address wasn’t about putting on a show. It was about staying close to customers and securing a tangible reminder that employees’ hard work had paid off —  and would continue to pay off.

One World Trade Center office is a destination

“We’ve always tried to stay humble ourselves so I think the fact that we held off on this kind of visible embodiment of our success is really telling,” Mikailli said. “But it feels really good for our employees and our customers to see the visible manifestation of all the hard work that we’ve done. For us, it’s not just about the employees here in New York City, but also our employees from around the world who are going to come here. It’s a destination. They’ll want to gather here.”

 The World Trade Center office will also serve as an executive briefing center — a place where representatives from Signifyd’s customers can come to ask questions, make suggestions and learn about how Signifyd is propelling their businesses today and what more Signifyd can do for them in the future. In that respect, the office’s location is no accident.

“This office is at the heart of the financial center for the world,” Signifyd Chief Customer Officer J. Bennett said, standing in front of a bank of windows that offered a sweeping view up the Hudson River and over the rest of Manhattan to the north. “Signifyd aspires to be the fabric between financial institutions, retailers and consumers.”  

New York office rests at the intersection of finance and commerce

The office location serves as a physical reminder of that effort, too. Bennett noted that merchants and financial institutions — payment services providers, issuing banks, acquiring banks and others — are vitally linked in the payment chain of online commerce. But historically, they have not had the advantage of leveraging all the data and intelligence that those players process individually.

A look out Signifyd's World Trade Center office, north along the Hudson River and Manhattan

Signifyd’s New York City office provides views of Manhattan and beyond.

Signifyd is working with payment services providers and card issuers, like Capital One and others, to provide the complete picture to dramatically increase conversions as more ecommerce orders are authorized and approved.

The office-as-briefing-center was off to a fast start, Bennett said, explaining that a global customer in the midst of an aggressive international expansion had been in before the ribbon cutting to solidify Signifyd’s role in its expansion. Yes, they were taken by the view. It’s hard not to be. 

World Trade location will include an executive briefing center

“They stayed an extra 45 minutes just to soak it in,” Bennett said. 

The relocated New York office joins the roster of Signifyd offices in San Jose, Calif.; Denver; Mexico City; São Paulo; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and London. They are the physical gathering places for a company that maintains a distributed workforce managing its own flexible model allowing employees to work from home or at the office or to combine the two. 

On Thursday afternoon, Signifyd employees crowded into the newest office on the list — 71 floors up, Champagne in hand — to celebrate the latest addition. As the ribbon went down, a cheer went up and another new era began. 

Photos by Signifyd’s Kevin Boyd, Mike Cassidy and Ryan Klocke


Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy

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