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Why top talent chooses Signifyd and why that talent stays

Read “The State of Commerce” report

“The State of Commerce” report

Cover of Signifyd's State of Commerce 2023 report

Signifyd isn’t just a workplace. It’s a chosen destination for talented professionals who care deeply about the quality of what they produce and just as much about the quality of those they work with and for.

We spoke to Signifyers in Colorado, North Carolina, Mexico and Belfast to get an idea of what drew them to Signifyd and its mission to enable fearless commerce. And we asked them what keeps them around. You’ll hear some common themes about a focus on employee fulfillment and the opportunity to work at a place that provides solutions for online merchants, improving their lives while enhancing customer shopping experiences. But it’s more than that. Given that Signifyd is a diverse company with employees around the world, you’re bound to hear some unique perspectives — on to the stories.

Maureen Young, Colorado: Great product and inclusive company culture  

Maureen Young, an account executive on our Core Sales team, shares her journey at Signifyd and what attracted her to the company when she joined in 2021. 

Signifyd Account executive Maureen Young

Signifyd Account Executive Maureen Young

What attracted me to Signifyd was primarily the product. Witnessing Signifyd’s profound impact on thousands of merchants, offering them a solution that not only saved time and money but also alleviated the headaches caused by fraud, resonated deeply with me. Signifyd’s mission was something I knew I wanted to be a part of.

Signifyd’s culture is a blend of inclusivity and a strong focus on employee well-being and development. While the product initially drew me in, it’s the supportive and nurturing environment that keeps me committed. Professional and personal growth are not just encouraged but actively supported through dedicated programs and continuous learning opportunities.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing the tangible impact on our customers’ lives. Ecommerce challenges like fraud and high decline rates can be deeply personal for business owners. Knowing that Signifyd’s advanced solutions empower them to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than reactive fraud strategies is incredibly fulfilling.

Jesus Alvarado, Mexico: Motivated by delivering value to merchants 

Jesus Alvarado, a senior risk analyst on our Risk Intelligence team, reflects on his experience at Signifyd and the company’s culture of innovation and support. 

Joining Signifyd was a natural fit for me, combining my passion for technology and finance with the opportunity to combat fraud in ecommerce. The company’s culture, centered on delivering value and fostering innovation, motivates me to excel every day. I appreciate the trust-based environment that encourages everyone to contribute their best.

Signifyd Senior Risk Analyst Jesus Alvarado

Signifyd Senior Risk Analyst Jesus Alvarado

As a senior risk analyst, I thrive on the dynamic challenges of fraud prevention and the collaborative spirit within our teams. Signifyd’s support for professional growth is remarkable, with opportunities for leadership and innovation readily available. One of my proudest moments was leading a project that enhanced our client processes, highlighting the company’s commitment to employee empowerment.

Signifyd’s transparent communication channels and culture of recognition ensure that every employee feels valued and supported. Monthly all-hands meetings with the CEO and ongoing feedback from managers contribute to a sense of alignment and appreciation. It’s this combination of innovation, integrity and recognition that sets Signifyd apart as an exceptional workplace.

Asa Beavers, North Carolina: Solving real-world problems is motivating

Asa Beavers, a senior customer success manager within our Customer Success organization, discusses the culture of continuous improvement and collaboration at Signifyd. 

When I first learned about Signifyd, I was captivated by its mission to solve real-world problems in the retail space. The company’s innovative approach and strong cultural values immediately resonated with me. Today, I still feel privileged to be part of a dynamic team with an exceptional company culture that fosters growth and collaboration.

Signifyd’s culture is defined by values like “tenacious” and “roll up your sleeves,” emphasizing the dedication and teamwork required to achieve our goals. As a Customer Success team member, I cherish the opportunity to interact with diverse teams internally and externally, forging relationships that enrich my professional journey.

Signifyd Senior Customer Success Manager Asa Beavers

Signifyd Senior Customer Success Manager Asa Beavers

Signifyd has been instrumental in my professional development, providing exposure to leading brands in online retail and expanding my expertise in ecommerce, payments and fraud prevention. The passion and hard-work ethic of my colleagues inspire me to strive for excellence every day, fostering a supportive environment focused on customer success.

I’ve been fortunate to receive recognition for my contributions through various channels, including the Signifyer of the Month award and acknowledgment from my team during monthly meetings. These gestures of appreciation reinforce Signifyd’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding employees.

Emma Deane, Belfast: A company culture of continuous improvement 

Emma Deane, a senior software engineer on our Engineering team in Belfast, joined Signifyd right after graduation. She shares her perspective on Signfyd’s empowering company culture and commitment to excellence. 

Signifyd’s mission to combat fraud through technology initially drew me in, but it was the empowering culture and collaborative spirit that sealed the deal. In our Engineering organization, we embrace a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork, summed up by the mantra “one team, one dream.”

Portrait of Signifyd Senior Software Engineer Emma Deane

Signifyd Senior Software Engineer Emma Deane

What I find most rewarding about my role is the daily opportunity for problem-solving and collaboration. Signifyd encourages us to dig deep into challenges, fostering personal and professional growth. Pair programming and regular learning sessions further enhance our development.

A standout moment for me was participating in the development of a new feature that enhances our merchants’ integration experience. This project showcased our team’s innovation and direct impact on customer satisfaction. Signifyd’s commitment to employee recognition and reward, evident through initiatives like the Praise Slack channel and regular retrospectives, reinforces our culture of growth.

Consider what Signifyd can offer you

Through the perspectives of these employees, we’ve uncovered why Signifyd stands out as a workplace of choice. Whether it’s the innovative projects, the supportive environment or the shared values, Signifyd offers something to each and every one of our employees.

We’re excited to continue this journey together, fostering innovation and creating meaningful impact in everything we do. Thank you to our employees for sharing their insights. Here’s to many more years of success and growth! 

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Jenny Saffrin

Jenny Saffrin

Jenny is a lead recruiter at Signifyd with a deep background in talent acquisition.