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Signifyd’s Crimes & Cocktails webinars are spirited discussions on commerce protection

At Signifyd, we see ourselves as guardians in the grand landscape of commerce protection, always ready to stand up for merchants in the never-ending battle against fraud and unjust chargebacks. And it’s with this spirit that we bring you Crimes & Cocktails, our unique webinar series. This isn’t merely a series; it’s a rallying cry for those dedicated to shielding businesses from the dark underbelly of ecommerce. As fighters in this intricate game, we relish swapping war stories, especially when cocktails are involved, mirroring the relaxed camaraderie of Happy Hour. Once an internal highlight at our all-hands meetings, this blend of education, success stories, and fraud insights is now accessible to all, ready to both enlighten and entertain through live and on-demand webinars. So, mark the date and prepare to join the movement.

Commerce protection war stories

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Welcome to the gritty world of commerce protection, where the real-life warriors against fraud and unfair chargebacks congregate. These champions are a breed apart, and their war stories? They’re the essence of our Crimes & Cocktails webinar series, and believe me, they’re riveting.

Why “Crimes & Cocktails?” The name captures the essence of what the series is all about:

  • Crimes: We get to hear about the intriguing real-life stories, the battles against fraudulent activities, that many of us face daily.
  • Cocktails: Here’s where it gets fun. Live webinar attendees get complimentary cocktails or mocktails. Why? Well, who says fighting fraud can’t be a bit spirited?

If you’re a part of this vibrant community, this series is your cocktail party, your rallying cry, your learning hub. It’s about engaging, learning, sharing, and growing stronger together.

Why it’s important to the commerce protection community

The landscape of fraud and chargebacks isn’t static; it’s a complex and constantly morphing battleground. That’s what makes our Crimes & Cocktails series so vital. We bring lessons from the frontlines, not just to tickle your intrigue, but to arm you with the wisdom you need to win.

Ever felt that chargebacks and fraud could use a human element, something beyond the dry manuals and dreary guides? That’s precisely what this series delivers. It’s not a lecture; it’s a conversation.

So, grab a cocktail and join us. The stories are plenty, the insights are rich, and the fraud prevention tactics are, without a doubt, top-shelf.

Savor the flavor: An inside look at the Crimes & Cocktails webinar series

Right! Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s dive into the intoxicating world of Crimes & Cocktails. Imagine a place where the intricate details of commerce protection are shaken and stirred with the finesse of a master mixologist. Cheers to innovation!

Each session is concocted with care, like a signature cocktail, uniquely crafted for your palate. You may not know exactly what’s on the menu, but trust me, it’s going to leave you savoring the taste and eagerly awaiting the next round.

  • Expertise with a twist: Our panelists aren’t just pros in their fields. They’re storytellers, guiding you through the complex labyrinth of ecommerce fraud, chargebacks, and more. It’s not just about the data; it’s about the people behind the numbers, the real faces of the industry.
  • Interactive engagement: This is no monologue. Expect vibrant dialogues, tough questions, and that much-needed human touch. We’re here to talk, laugh, think, and yes, maybe even enjoy a cocktail or two.
  • Real-world lessons and solutions: With deep dives into actual cases, you’re not just getting theory; you’re getting the playbook, strategies that have been tried, tested and have triumphed.
  • The allure of shadenfreude: Let’s be honest, there’s a certain thrill in hearing about the clever fraud attempts that were outsmarted and beaten back. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and intellect, and it’s as educational as it is entertaining.
  • Exclusive insights and predictions: From holiday sales to fraud pressure, our webinars come packed with predictions and insights you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like a peek into the future, guided by the best in the business.
  • Cocktails anyone? Did I mention the cocktails? It’s not just a catchy name. Attend live, and you’ll get a cocktail or mocktail kit delivered right to your doorstep. Consider it a ‘thank you’ for being part of this incredible journey.

It’s a concoction of wisdom and whimsy that you won’t find elsewhere.

Stay with us, and you’ll find that fighting fraud has never tasted so good. Whether you prefer your insights shaken or stirred, Crimes & Cocktails has a flavor for you. Let’s toast to that!


Crimes & Cocktails: Tackling Account Takeover

Signifyd hosted its final Crimes & Cocktails webinar session of 2023 on Wednesday, Dec. 6th where Signifyd’s Chief Customer Officer Bennett and Staff Product Manager Eleanor Ritchie talked about the rise in account takeover (ATO) attacks as more and more merchants encourage account creation to maximize customer acquisition costs and extend customer lifetime value.

During the webinar, our experts discussed data around customer loyalty program tactics and how merchants can protect their customers from account takeover attempts.

Watch Crimes & Cocktails: Tackling Account Takeover on demand for insight into:

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday recap of sales performance
  • Sales projections for the rest of the year
  • Gift card trends
  • Account takeover 101
  • Real-life ATO cases tackled by the Signifyd fraud team
  • An ATO prevention checklist directly from our experts

Watch the webinar

Another round of insight: Past Crimes & Cocktails webinars

We’ve shaken and stirred our way through four riveting rounds of Crimes & Cocktails, each one serving up unique expert insights, real-world tales and actionable strategies. From unveiling the secrets of holiday season fraud to demystifying Visa’s new rules on chargebacks, we’ve covered it all – and with a twist of flair only Signifyd can deliver. If you missed out on any of these captivating sessions, fear not. Grab your favorite libation, and let’s relive the highlights together.

Crimes & Cocktails: Holiday season sales and predictions

Crimes & Cocktails: Holiday season sales & fraud predictions

Tap in with another engaging session Crimes & Cocktails: Holiday season sales & fraud predictions, blending the best of commerce protection strategies and tantalizing tales of the most skillful fraud attempts. Signifyd Chief Customer Officer J. Bennett, along with Senior Director of Business and Strategic Insights Pranav Gandhi, are your hosts for the event, expertly serving up the perfect cocktail of sales and fraud predictions.

This is a chance to explore anticipated fraud pressure by vertical, uncover the secrets behind anonymized investigations, and equip merchants with the strategies they need to protect their businesses and bottom lines this holiday season.

Watch the webinar now

Crimes & Cocktails: Visa’s compelling evidence to fight fraudulent chargebacks

Crimes & Cocktails: Visa’s compelling evidence to fight fraudulent chargebacks

Watch the “Crimes & Cocktails: Visa’s Compelling Evidence to Fight Fraudulent Chargebacks” session, from June 21, for an enlightening exploration of Visa’s game-changing approach to chargebacks. Led by Signifyd Chief Customer Officer J. Bennett, along with senior managers Doug Agurkis and Tara Mitchell, this in-depth discussion unraveled the intricacies of Visa’s new Compelling Evidence 3.0 rules. Dive into new ways merchants can offer compelling evidence to combat fraudulent chargebacks within Visa’s framework. The panel shared real-life risk intelligence stories and investigations, demonstrating techniques to craft timely evidence packets, strengthen defenses against unwarranted chargebacks, and unveil early alerting methods to stop fraud in its tracks.

Also highlighted were insights from Signifyd’s “State of Commerce 2023” report, offering the latest trends and data-driven strategies to fortify your business in the ever-changing ecommerce landscape. It’s a vital toolkit for anyone aiming to navigate Visa’s new rules and protect their bottom line.

Watch the Webinar now

Crimes & Cocktails: Retain holiday revenue, despite looming returns

Crimes & Cocktails: Retain holiday revenue, despite looming returns

This January installment of “Crimes & Cocktails” was a meticulous exploration of the growing menace of ecommerce fraud, where physical theft merges with digital deception. The hosts navigated these turbulent waters, uncovering a startling surge in chargebacks and fraud post-holiday, including challenges like card testing and porch piracy.. Yet, they offered hope with their shield against these threats: Signifyd’s Complete Chargeback Protection.

Going beyond identifying problems, the discussion laid out a roadmap to battle fraud by leveraging Signifyd’s automation and holistic approach, emphasizing efficiency, customer experience and impeccable payment flow. Despite the alarming statistics of fraud pressure being 200 to 250 percent higher during the 2022 holiday season, optimism shone through, with a focus on innovation, vigilance and customer experience. As the battle against ecommerce fraud evolves, this webinar stands as a beacon of hope and a promise of victory in a complex digital world.

Watch the Webinar now

Crimes & Cocktails: Chargebacks and Holiday Readiness

This October episode of “Crimes & Cocktails” turned a spotlight on the intricate dance among merchants, customers, chargebacks and the elusive art of luxury goods transactions. With a blend of real-world insights, wit and expert guidance, the webinar became a rallying cry for understanding and building bridges. It delved into the nuances of encouraging direct communication over chargebacks, navigating the complexities of pre-arbitration, and selling luxury items without fraud alarms. Questions and quips buzzed in a lively Q&A, adding humanity to a topic often lost in jargon. Closing with acknowledgments and gifts, it reminded us that business is, at its core, about people. A must-watch for merchants, this webinar offers flair, wisdom and insights into the constantly changing dance of commerce.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube now

The debut of Crimes & Cocktails

Recorded in August 2022, the debut of “Crimes & Cocktails” was more than just a webinar; it was a vibrant symposium, unmasking a hidden villain in retail: returns abuse. As thought leaders and industry veterans gathered to discuss, they shook up traditional ideas, served data-driven insights and explored the intricacies of fraudulent activities with flair and precision. The event tackled complex issues with a captivating blend of earnestness and style. Whether you’re in retail or simply curious, this recorded webinar is a thrilling ride, ready to enlighten you over your favorite cocktail. In the business of combating return abuse, this is your most potent mix.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube now

You’re behind the bar: Help us craft our next webinar!

Friends in fraud-fighting, now’s your chance to join the mixology team. We’ve served up insights and strategies with a twist, but now we want to hear from you! What’s bubbling up in your world of commerce protection? What would you like to explore with us over a cocktail or mocktail?

Consider this an open invitation to shake things up. Your insights, your experiences, your questions—they’re the ingredients for the perfect blend of education and engagement. Let us know your thoughts and help us craft the next delectable installment of Crimes & Cocktails.

Reach out on social media, drop a comment or fill out our survey. Let’s create something that’s not just delightful to the palate but nourishing to the mind.

Step up to the bar and let’s concoct something extraordinary together. Cheers to your creativity, and we look forward to toasting with you at the next webinar!

Send us your ideas

Last call: Join us in the fight against fraud

Well, folks, we’ve stirred the pot, shaken the mix and served up some of the finest insights in the world of commerce protection. But remember, the bar never really closes in our quest to safeguard businesses.

Whether it’s the upcoming exploration of holiday sales and fraud or the memory of a favorite past webinar, we invite you to keep savoring the blend of knowledge, real-world experience, and, yes, a touch of schadenfreude as we reveal the cunning tactics of the criminal mind.

Don’t miss out on the replay of Crimes & Cocktails: Holiday season sales & fraud predictions. It’s more than just a webinar; it’s a community, a gathering of like-minded warriors armed with knowledge and stirred by passion.

See you at the next session, and until then, keep your glasses raised and your fraud-fighting strategies sharp. Cheers to the never-ending dance of commerce, and here’s to concocting success together!

Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd is the web development manager at Signifyd. When not leading his team in crafting captivating digital experiences, he experiments with prompt engineering using ChatGPT and other generative AI systems, as well as writing and optimization.