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Artists, engineers and producers rely on Moon Audio’s products to deliver extraordinary sound to their loyal fans. Moon Audio relies on Signifyd to protect them with a 100% financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks.


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Popular with audiophiles, artists and audio engineers worldwide, Moon Audio has built a reputation for its service as well as its reliable gear. Artists, engineers and producers have relied on Moon Audio for years to improve their sound and deliver amazing quality for their loyal fans.

Moon Audio Grado Pro headphones

I consider myself an Audio Psychologist. I consistently listen to the customer’s audio concerns and objectives for optimal sound quality. Music provides an emotional response and I prescribe the best mixture of audio gear to give them the hair-raising experience they had at their last concert.” says Moon Audio’s founder, Drew Baird.  

Unlike sneakerheads, who often buy dozens of sneakers but only wear a few regularly, audiophiles buy headphones that translate experiences differently. They’ll usually have a couple they use just for the studio, one for the road (with a backup, of course), and one for just listening around the house.

Baird has spent his entire life designing sound quality. There is no “perfect” sound. But with ultra high quality cabling, components, and adaptors an audio engineer can open up the sound stage and experience with many more layers of resolution. Thus, great headphones can be made even better, as Moon Audio demonstrates with their Branded Hacks.

The same is true of audio cables. Based on the customer’s preferences, the right Dragon Audio Cable can tighten the bass or produce a snappier bass kick, avoiding over-exaggerated bass sounds that are far too common in popular music genres. They remove the veil and provide a cleaner sense of resolution and detail. Several layers of options are available for those who need to capture and produce just the right sound for their discerning audience.

Customers around the world vouch for the company’s proactive approach, where Moon Audio’s sales rep will often ask more questions than the customer – to determine exactly what they need for their desired sound.

But a global customer base for a high quality product equates to constant online fraud pressure.

This is why Moon Audio uses Signifyd to protect them with a 100% financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks. While many of Moon Audio’s customers are repeat buyers, the rising threat of Account Takeover fraud leaves them vulnerable to expensive chargebacks for shipping orders to fraudsters who are placing orders from a legitimate customer’s account.

Also, like any business, much of Moon Audio’s growth comes from new customers referred by existing customers. Having Signifyd vet these new orders with advanced machine learning saves Moon Audio time and money. Expensive chargebacks are avoided and orders are shipped out faster –  which every audiophile will appreciate, as they can’t wait to try their new gear.

Moon Audio Dragon cables