Case Study:

Since day one, Signifyd has been supporting’s phenomenal growth by protecting them against fraud. is the model for the modern online marketplace. Built from the ground up on the principle of efficient commerce, looks to reduce costs and improve the customer experience at every opportunity. Signifyd's financial guarantees eliminate chargebacks for fraud, allowing to focus on other concerns like cost of payments and promotional abuse. ships a lot of orders to a lot of customers every single day. You might think in all that volume the details get lost in the big picture. But they like to think about it differently. Attention to detail and a passion for what they’re good at drives quality, and quality drives value. is all about value. Because they’re always finding smarter ways for their customers to save.

If can revolutionize the way people buy the things they need online, why can’t they revolutionize the way they manage fraud?

They can and they have. Without Signifyd they were spending a lot of time looking for that one bad needle in a big haystack of good orders. Signifyd performs thousands of searches every minute through their orders, collecting a lot more information about each order and each payment.

Every customer and every payment is different. Signifyd helps understand each customer’s details and their payment patterns as they’ve likely seen this customer before.

Since Signifyd guarantees every order, knows they’re covered if anything, even one order, goes through that shouldn’t. With that assurance, they can focus on driving value for their customers.

That’s what their customers want and that’s what delivers.

Eliminate fraud and accept more orders with Signifyd